Today’s needs that Construction developer moving towards sustainable development called Green construction.

The concept of sustainable development emerged during the 1970s when a global energy crisis and environmental pollution affected millions. The green building movement was initiated in the US due to the growing demand for eco-friendly construction practices. The term ‘green construction’ refers to an eco-friendly and resource-efficient approach towards a building’s design, construction, operation, maintenance, renovation, and demolition. A green building consumes less water, energy, and essential natural resources as compared to a conventional commercial building. On the whole, the main aim of green construction is to provide healthier living spaces for the inhabitants. Besides a greener environment, there are various economic and social motives associated with green construction practices. 
The various technologies used in a quintessential green building include:
·         solar equipment
·         Rain gardens
·         Rainwater harvesting
·         Green roof
Benefits to use green construction techniques:-

·         Environmental benefits: Emission reduction, Temperature moderation, Water conservation, Waste Reduction.
·         Economic benefits: Saving energy and water, increased property values, Decreased infrastructure strain.

Now a day’s smart technology helps you to achieve sustainable development with affordable cost. We are the pioneer to build smart homes in Gujarat, Ahmedabad, Surat, Bhavnagar and more.

#DRARC Belief: -   Properties are very costly and the world needs more energy saving Solution in the new age of technology. Homes which are smart, secure and less maintenance and energy efficient.

#DRARC Notes:-  Our Service to give your perfect Smart home solution with good interior and affordable Price. Let’s utilize your technology to give a better and secure environment for our family.

Our Other Services like Construction, interior, customized furniture, Shield parking, and NRI home caretaker with all Liability and Genuine property buyer and seller with verified legal norms.

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